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Sabores de Campos

Research Design Sprint - Campos do Jorado - Brazil

Sabores Do Campos

To give a bit of context...

This application will facilitate people of fewer resources to get access to tourist places to enjoy and benefit

from the culture and food that Campos Do Jordao provides.

Tell us more about the circumstances of your project. 

  • What was the product you worked on?
  • Who was the target audience? What problems does the product solve for them?
  • What was the business challenge your team wanted to solve with this project?
  • What was your role? Who did you work with?

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Learning About a New City

Learning about Campos Do Jordao

In the initial phase of the project,  we had a series of workshops and tourism showcase of the potential the city of Campos do Jordao have to offer through the season of summer.  

 Guiding Questions:

  • How the economy of the city can be shifted in off-seasons?
  • What are the struggles for the city to attract tourists?
  • What are the activities tourists can find in Campos do Jordao?

Sabores Do Campos

Exploring Campos Do Jordao

We experienced the first couple of days visiting all the touristic attractions the city has to offer and conducted informal user interviews in order to get a better understanding of the pros and cons of the city according to peak and low seasons.

Sabores Do Campos


Based on the informal interviews and workshops we set up three personas to encompass the design process and solution 

  • We look at the stakeholders ( Turistic attractions, restaurants and activities) to form an image of what a potential user will look like.
  • The desition to make personas came to structure our design desitions and channel the solution 
  • We took into consideration age, hobbies, digital channels, motivations, and potential pain points.

User Journey

I order to get a big picture of the city and its principal activities, I map out the journey of an exploratory day in Campos do Jordao for one of the personas.

For this stage, the following questions help to visualize the journey :

  • What time does the user wake up?
  • What and how may activities a user can explore in Campos do Jordao on a day?

First, we discover that a lack of awareness of attractions and hidden culinary gems contribute to the problem

The main pain points for the users was the lack of a digital interactive map that will guide them through the exploration of the city. 

Sabores Do Campos
Low fidelity sketches and wireframes

Low fidelity sketches and wireframes

Sketches and Wireframes

The time frame of this design challenge pushed our design skills on a marathon. We started with some sketches that eventually became low fidelity wireframes. This is the way we iterate three times through the design options to finally decide on one.

Sabores Do Campos

UI Design

Once we agree on sketches and high-level functionality, I started designing the screens in Illustrator.

 The agreement points for UI design:

  • We decide in a warm color palette to represent the season is promote - summer.
  • We decide on a flat design approach with some images and backgrounds as for the first UI design; to showcase a high-level idea.  
  • The App was designed and develop in IOs 
  • We also decide on using an illustration map of Campos instead of google maps due to the lack of connectivity.  

The solution

We envision a digital solution (mobile application) accompany be information kiosks and social media advertisements. The application will provide discounts through a game base bike ride. Where locals and tourists will interact with each other and visit restaurants and attractions around Campos Do Jordao.


  • Facilitate an interactive and engaging way to discover the city of Campos do Jordao
  • Encourage service providers across Campos do Jordao to facilitate discounts to promote their locations

Mockups of possible information and QR Kiosks

Mockups of possible information and QR Kiosks

Application Demo

Some hands on work photos

Some hands on work photos

What did I learn from this project?

The Brazil Charrette was an excellent opportunity to discover an open and collaborative way of work;  where teamwork and adaptability had a huge take. I worked during the 72 hours sprint with different professionals such as ( chefs, entrepreneurs, developers, and designers) and learned to trust and complement our strengths to focus on the outcome.  

  • Our biggest struggles were the language barrier, yet we overcome by being patience and take the time to listen and understand each other ideas.  
  • We overcome these challenges by utilizing tech tools that could help to clarify ideas and speed up tasks. We wrote down a plan with goals and responsibilities, and we encourage each other to be open to other ideas as well as be helpful if others struggle.
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